A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A Scorched Earth-style tank battle party game with a twist: input your orders secretly on your phone, then watch everyone's moves play out simultaneously. 

Just open http://robo.rodeo on your phone, type in the room code shown on the game's lobby screen (plus a suitably intimidating codename), and away you go!

  • Shoot missiles from afar, or leap into close range to zap your enemies
  • Carve through 7 destructible levels
  • Supports rotating through up to 12 players (4 can play at a time) - perfect for parties
  • Join in on anything with a web browser
  • Team battle or free-for-all matches
  • Get sassed by the game when you blow yourself up

This is a polished-up version of a jam game started for Global Game Jam 2017. We'd love to hear your feedback if you play.

Made by: Greg Puzniak, Joshua Mohan, Alex Smithers, David Rusak


RoboRodeo Win 1.0 36 MB
RoboRodeo Mac 1.0 39 MB

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